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Glimpse 2.2.0 provides incremental bug fixes and feature enhancements as well as a number of new features:

TimeStampFormat More format options are recognized by TimeStampFormatStandard.
EmptyPlot2D Simple plot with no axes or title, just lots of space for data.
StaticParticlePainter Painter similar to TrackPainter, but more efficient for large numbers of static tracks where each track has positions at the same set of time points.
New Canvas NewtSwingEDTGlimpseCanvas allows use of the well maintained NewtCanvasAWT while still performing OpenGL rendering on the Swing EDT. This sacrifices performance for a greatly simplified threading model.
Docking Frames Improvements and Bug-Fixes to Glimpse's lightweight docking framework.
Wrapped Plots Plots and axes can be set to repeat on a regular interval.